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Stranded Deep Download : This game is a typical first-person shooter, open world, survival game that has its design and gameplay almost equal to the countless games of the same genre. Stranded Deep Download is developed by BEAM Team Games in Australia in 2013. This game was the company first official release, which fortunately was an uproarious success. It was first released for Microsoft Windows OS and was then made compatible with Linux and OSX. The bleak plot of the game revolves around the survivor of a plane crash who is currently being stranded somewhere in The Pacific Ocean. The story of the game then progresses to how the player survives in an island full of unimaginable perils and dangers lurking everywhere ad escapes home from the island. check latest version of  Stranded Deep Download from here.

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Plot Of Stranded Deep Download:

The protagonist of the game is on his way to Japan on an airplane, when due to unprecedented circumstances, the plane crashes severely resulting in him blacking out. When he wakes up, he finds himself on a deserted island surrounded totally on all sides by the long stretch of the Pacific. None of his co-travelers are found alive or even dead on the island. The only option is to survive in this dark jungle of an island until help arrives, which, as days pass, keeps turning down hope of any chance that it will happen. Only in the end, the players will begin to realize there is no end. The prime notion is to survive, and to survive the longest. Basically, the entire plot from the crash of the plane will be carried by the players, and will slowly progress from the decisions and actions taken by them.

Gameplay Of  Stranded Deep Download:

The most challenging aspect of the gameplay of Stranded Deep Download game is the constant need to look out and stay alert for even the most meekly possible danger that might haunt. Though the wild jungle environment reminds the players of a thousand other games having the same kind of setting, the entire level of adversity in the game craves for a more challenging hand of play. There is no food, or any weapons to protect themselves from the unknown possibilities of macabre and deadly stuff that might be inconspicuously hiding in the denseness of the shadows in the forests surrounding it. Including the constant need to stay alert and guard themselves, the players must keep looking for food or anything eatable to stay alive and healthy.

There are countless bare elements that might harm the player or even directly kill them. They should stay wary of anything that might even have the meekest chance of deceiving them. Stranded Deep Download game will admittedly test the sharpest skills of a gamer for survivalist open world games. Crafting is an extremely essential skill to survive in the wilderness of the jungled island. One can craft all kinds of spears, guns, knives and other weapons. The crafting of each tool depends on the scrap materials one has collected and used. The players can also dive into the water and explore the seas for any leftover supplies or junk that could be used for crafting.

Difficulty Levels

There are two difficulty levels in Stranded Deep Download game that the player can adapt to. They cannot choose the difficulty, but can only be accustomed to it as the game emulates on for the player. The two levels are given below.

  • Hermit

This mode of the Stranded Deep requires only a manageable survival skill and does not require the player to be in search of food or weapons all the time, as they lie scattered nearby itself.

  • Pirate

As the name suggests, players emulated to this kind of difficulty will be expected to search the nooks and corners of the island for any material that might be of use to them. Even the most adroit of gamers feel the challenging pulse of this mode.

Stranded Deep Download has developed and attained an unexpected reach among gamers, particularly in online gaming. It became an Early Access on Steam in 2015, which marked its popularity in the gaming market.

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